6-figure income in early 20s

//6-figure income in early 20s

Meet Karl – Young, ambitious and successful. Here is his story how he became independent entrepreneur and how he grows his business.

  1. Describe your life before you started location independent (internet) business?

I got involved with online business at the age of twelve so there’s really not that much to describe. I was an average kid going to school, playing video games in my free time and hanging out with friends. I came from a lower middle-class family and that was what ended up pushing me to start an online business, being fairly internet savvy.


  1. What is your business about? What do you do? Local or international business?

I have several businesses and I’ve sold several of them, so I am kind of all over the place. Currently my main business is a productized content marketing service targeting “software as a service” (SaaS) companies, mostly working with clients in the US.


  1. How did you come to this business idea? Is this your passion (how do you know it?)? Why did you choose location independent (internet) business?

This particular idea came together for two reasons. I had just sold my previous business and was talking to close friends about what to do next. They asked me what my goal was and I answered that I was striving to be the best online marketer out there.

My friends had a lot of connections and a significant reputation within the SaaS space so we ended up joining forces and making the two work together.


  1. Are you alone or do you have more team members?

I’ve been working on my own or with freelancers for the majority of my career, however, since 2016 I’ve been very focused on building a team.

At the peak of my last project we had four full-time team members. For the new project we’re currently at two people but are projecting between 15-20 people by the end of the year.


  1. How do you manage with self-discipline? How much do you work daily basis (how many hours a day, week?)?

I don’t really struggle with self-discipline. I love what I do and it’s genuinely exciting for me. For the past few years I had been working 14-15 hour days, even on the weekends.

Nowadays I try to get up at 6 AM and finish up work before 7 PM and I’ve also stopped working on the weekends to spend more time with loved ones.


  1. How did you start? How did you find your first customers (how long did it take)? Any suggestions on courses, books or smth?

I started by creating websites in seemingly random industries because I knew there was a lot of ad revenue in them. I would manage small websites about hotel coupons, parenting advice and god knows what else. All of the visitors were organic from Google and most of my time was spent trying to increase rankings on those sites.

Eventually I got really good at search engine optimization and decided to start an agency. A lot of my online marketing friends knew that I was good at it and they actually became my first clients. After seeing great results, the business simply took off through word-of-mouth and recommendations sent my way.

You can keep reading books and taking courses forever, I’d rather not recommend any. Sure, there’s a lot of good stuff out there that will help you but I think it’s important to only consume information that’s relevant to the problems you currently face.

If I’d kept reading books and taking courses that were recommended to me when I was starting out, I probably still wouldn’t have started my business today.


  1. How long have you been engaged with this business?

I’ve been extremely involved with online business for about 8 years now.


  1. How do you get new customers today?

Our new business is strategically related to my business partners other company. This means that the majority of clients from the main business are also a very good fit for this one and trust has already been established. So, it’s simply a matter of reaching out to them and showing them more ways we can help them.


  1. What are the best programs/apps you are using in your work today? Do you outsource (what, why?)?

Toggl.com has been a life-saver for me in terms of productivity. It’s a time-tracker that you have to manually start and stop, for different tasks, breaks and interruptions.

Using Toggl I’ve been able to measure my actual work hours, instead of knowing how much time I’ve spent in the office. These numbers are usually very far apart from each other in the beginning.

As the legendary quote goes, what gets measured, gets managed. If you see those two numbers every day, you’ll start making an effort to improve them. It’s been a huge break-through for me.


  1. Are you willing to say how much do you earn today (magnitude)? How much is it possible to earn? What is your goal?

My personal earnings today are in the six-figure range. I genuinely believe that the possibilities are endless.

I don’t really have a monetary goal anymore as it wouldn’t change my day to day life as much. I just use money as kind of a scorecard/performance indicator to see how things are progressing.


  1. What is your advice for beginners?

Stop dreaming and put in the work. No book, no course, no mentor will teach you more than trial and error. They’re simply there to guide you, the majority of lessons you’ll have to learn by yourself.


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Other: Can always reach out to me through karl@resultcompass.com


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