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The word “Differize” doesn’t have any meaning by itself, but in our world “Differize” means “be different, be bold, be unique, follow your heart!”. We stand for independent lifestyle, passioned entrepreneurship and lifestyle entrepreneurship. Differize is a brand for passioned entrepreneurs and marketing is a tool to help such passioned people to live by their own rules.

I’m Liina. I’m the founder and leader of Differize. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship and love to create and learn new things. I wanted to be entrepreneur since I was a little girl. It comes from influence I guess. My father was an entrepreneur and as well my grandparents (as much as it was possible during Russian occupation). I started early as a kid, when I went out to the streets and started selling goods from my mothers or grandmothers garden. During my puberty and early adult age, the school system and culture had changed me into “ordinary” wageworker for a decade or two. But I just couldn’t settle and I had to live my life on my own terms. The great hunger for independency took me back to entrepreneurship and I haven’t gone back since. It’s now almost ten years!

I have started several businesses. Most of them have failed in different reasons. I’m also very passioned person so my businesses always have to relate with my interests. I don’t believe in doing something just for money. That is also the reason why my road have taken me to marketing and Differize. My mission is to help people live their life independently, doing what they love and be happier to live fulfilling life!

Im a mother for a little girl and currently waiting for another baby to be born in August 2017. I Love animals, especially dogs and horses, so as much as possible I spend time with my German Shepherd dog named Maksimus and beginning to manifest my childhood dream, having my own ranch. I´m eager to read more and more books about self development, entrepreneurship, business and money 🙂 I love to meet new likeminded people as well spend time with my closest friends and family.

As much as possible I like to discover new places on Earth and on winters have at least a week for vacation in the mountains to snowboard.

Most of all I´d like to help people to live theyr lives more independently to be more happier.