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Im passionate about entrepreneurship and love to learn and create new things. I love to meet new people as well spend time with my closest friends and family. Im a mother for a little girl. I Love to spend time with my German Shepherd named Maksimus. I respect traditions and value ambitious and honest people. I´m eager to read more and more books about marketing, communication, content marketing, entrepreneurship, business and how to be successful :) As much as possible I like to discover new places on Earth and on winters have at least a week for vacation in the mountains to snowboard. I love to write about marketing strategies, inspire and give others tips on how to be better in marketing their business or themselves. I´d like to help people to live theyr lives more efficiently to be more succesful and happier.

Entrepreneurship – it’s all about courage

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Entrepreneurship needs courage. Who is entrepreneur for you? For me entrepreneur is somebody who have enough courage to do things. Someone who has courage to undertake. We have all the knowledge we need, if we ask it. Including knowledge how to start business, how to [...]