Boy… I was afraid to post this!

//Boy… I was afraid to post this!

You know we are so messed up with the fears within ourselves and fear is the thing that keeps us living the life of our dreams. I have once written about courage, but still I need to do it again. This time from fears side.

In the book “Outwitting the Devil” Napoleon Hill says that fear is the tool for Devil to control us. It’s a good book, you should read this. It gives you tools how to handle fears.

We all have fears no matter how successful or wealthy or independent we are. What makes you strong and successful is how you handle the fears. Do you surrender or do it anyway?

I made a video today. It talks about why I have this money blueprint in me that holds me back from the abundance or luxury lifestyle I really desire. No matter how hard I try I keep getting back into the survivor lifestyle. When writing my diary and sorting out what’s going on in my subconscious mind with the money blueprint, I felt I need to talk about this in the camera in terms of sharing it with my followers. Well talking to camera, this I’m not afraid of. I thought I can post it sometime later when I’m ready or so.. But when I got inner voice saying me that I need to post it today, we’ll then my mind was going crazy.. Here’s the list of arguments my mind told me why I shouldn’t do it (fear talking):

  • My English is so bad, I’ll be so embarrassed.
  • The video is too slow.. too much “Uuuummmm….s” in it. People won’t want to listen to it.
  • The point you’re trying to say is to hard to understand.
  • There’s too much repetition in it.
  • Do you really think it helps someone?
  • There are so many better coaches out there, why embarrass yourself?
  • No-one cares about your fears???

These where the main things.. The point is that this is the exact reason why so many people don’t do the things they feel they should do, to live their dream life. All.. I mean absolutely all of us have such inner voice saying don’t do it!!! I think we as a woman have these thoughts in us with even louder voice. What sets successful people apart is that they risk it, they do it anyway. And this is how they are able to live the life of their dreams. They have started from somewhere. With small steps, and have made such behavior as a habit.

Here’s the video. Judge it yourself πŸ™‚



Let me know what are your thoughts about it and share what fears have you had lately?

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