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The Passion Test® Coaching

In this two session coaching I’ll help you find out what are your TOP 5 passions. I’ll reveal the secret to live a life of dreams and help you brake your negative beliefs that keep you from living your dream life! You’ll get tools for life, that you can use again and again by yourself.

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The Passion Test® for Business

Through proven process, we identify your company’s unique contribution and build on what sets your business apart from the marketplace and industry. Secondly, I work with you on gaining clarity on what matters most and develop a strategy accordingly. The proven process offers the ability to systematically create alignment between peoples work passions and the mission and vision of the company. The results are passionate, engaged leaders and a workforce, made up of people who are excited about coming to work every day. This results in optimal productivity, innovation, retention of talent and company profits.

Business Freedom Consulting

I’ll help you find out exactly what type of entrepreneur are you. According to this what type of people you need in your team, in order to take your business to the next level. I’ll give you the tool to plan your business freedom. So your business works without you working in your business and can enjoy the real freedom.

Unique Marketing Consulting

I’ll give you step-by-step strategy on how to set yourself apart from all the competition, do marketing sustainably and do it effectively so you make clients automatically with no extra team members needed. This is very easy automated system that you can turn on if needed and switch off if you’re having trouble serving your clients.