How to find your unique business idea?

//How to find your unique business idea?

Everyone in the world has their unique purpose and no one can give the world the gift that you can. And that’s why it is possible to have your unique business.

So now when you know this, you probably want to discover what are your gifts? First you have to find out your unique talents and skills. Think what are you good at? What are your experiences, what is it that you love to do? What do you enjoy doing? What are you passionate about? What excites you? This is necessary to find out first, before finding your unique business idea. So..

How to find out your unique business idea?

It is suggested to start by writing a long list and figure out, what you have experience in.

That might be life experience or professional knowledge, or you might have some degree. Think about what are you excited about, where do you have ideas, what is it that you know how to do and (this is important) you find so much joy in doing that. When you think of all the things you like to do, or are excited about, that gives you inspiration. You actually begin to find that you also have skills there, there and there… Because our passions are the signs of our own unique skills and talents. And once people start to express that, they are able to think about of who they really are.

It is important to listen to yourself. Most of the time you probably might think that this is not going to bring me money, or someone says that it is not possible to make money with this. This is typical example on how we limit ourselves. The key is to listen more our inner voice, that says „I have this true intrest and excitement about something very special.“ Write it down and start the list. Start the list with something that makes you special, your skills, experience, degrees – everything that you have. Write down everything you are good at, or what you really like to do or what you wanted to become as a child. Everything that comes into your mind. Just write it down.

Secondly we need to look at the social and the business needs.

As well we need to find out how they coincide and where is the business need. You can help others to solve their problems, by using your own special and unique talents and skills. Every successful person who follows their passion don’t start doing something because they have to do it. They are really using their talents – what they are good at and passionate about, what makes them special and different from others – and fill the need for the society to help the world to become a better place.

NB! Unique does not mean that you are better than others, but it means, that you have these skills and talents, no one else has. They come from your unique combination of life experience, environment, professional background, energy etc. You have a message to express in this world and something to share with the world. It means that you separate from others, you are different. Not better, but different. First of all, find out what makes you stand out and be different. After that, helping others is much easier, if you’re doing what you love and enjoy.

Only if you do what you love, from deep in your heart, gives this energy that attracts people to you. People notice the kind of energy that you carry. If they see you, they are more and more attracted to working with you.

Very often people are looking for the motivation from outside sources. But if you are doing what is very inspiring, from the heart, then there is no need for motivation, because it is a thrill to do the work. Then motivation comes from inside and there is no need to watch motivating videos, because you already have that thrive to do the job inside yourself.

Why people fail to start their unique business?

If you have to push yourself to do the job, then life becomes so much harder, and it is not fun. There is no flow in working against your true life purpose. When expressing the true things you are good at, and things you are very interested in. When expressing the way you do it and what you do. There is a flow to it, and the time will just pass by. The time moves fast forward and there is no need to push ourselves to take actions. There should be no disbelief and limits, and we shouldn’t have the mind chatter that we can’t even start. But to start you just need to take actions. If you have that constant feeling of having to do something, then there won’t be any success. People want to do something they are excited about, jump up in the morning and tell ourselves that we want to do it.

The sign, that you are not doing what is in your heart, might be that your health is bad. This should be a big learning point to all the people, because health should be very important.

Most of the people do not even start with their unique business idea. It is the start that stops most of the people. Test it yourself.

If you start to think about doing what you love, all those negative things start to come up. Like: it will not make me enough money. I need to feed the family. Too many people are already doing it. The loved ones would laugh at me. I don’t have enough experience. The need for secure job etc… Having all these little things coming up in our minds.

Such mind chatter might be from our childhood, from our most influential people. If you understand this, then you can start to change these limiting beliefs, that no longer serve you. These beliefs do not mean that it is impossible to start something. People mostly don’t trust themselves nor believe in themself. People often need the support from the loved ones and friends, but if they don’t receive it, then often people quit doing what they love, or what they really want to do.

Another failure reason is that people start something, but then they expect the business to take off automatically (because there is misbelief “follow your passion and success will follow”) without having a plan nor taking any actions. Without this necessary part in business, nothing really happens.

Most of the causes why people won’t start doing what they love, is because of their fears and disbeliefs, and any obstacles face, and that’s what’s keeping them from being happy, joyful, successful and motivated.

In conclusion you need to find out your intrests, talents, hobbies and things that you are good at. Find out that what makes you different from others. Think what are the society problems and how can you resolve them with your unique talents. Find out your limiting beliefs and work with them.

Remember passion doesn’t give you the guarantee for success, but if you want to succeed, you have to do what you love in your heart.

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