Entrepreneurship needs courage. Who is entrepreneur for you? For me entrepreneur is somebody who have enough courage to do things. Someone who has courage to undertake. We have all the knowledge we need, if we ask it. Including knowledge how to start business, how to build systems etc. The most challenging job in being an entrepreneur is to deal with yourself and your mind. As an entrepreneur you have to face the fears of your self and others, and always step up – no matter what.

You have to have courage to achieve your dreams

I remember from my childhood that my father always tried to make me as fearful as possible. I remember my first transcendence. I think I was about 4 years old. We where walking in Tallinn Medieval old town and I saw ice cream booth. As usual, I began to obsess that I want ice cream. This time my parents didn’t just go and buy ice cream for me. My father told me that if I want some, I have to go and get it myself. For me this time it was very fearful action – how do I go to stranger and ask for something. I remember telling my dad, that he could go. He refused. So I decided, if I want to get my ice cream I have to do it myself. So I did. While walking to the ice cream booth, I remember I was almost shaking, I had these butterflies in my stomach, because of the nerves, but I got there and asked for my favourite ice cream. When I paid for the ice cream and got it I remember I was so proud of myself and ran to my father and said “see… see father, I’ve got it”. My father smiled and he was proud too.

From this time I have always thought that life should be lived so that in old age there are no regrets on things that were left un done. This belief today helps me face most of my fears and catch my dreams. In my mind if I have to make decision I always think is this fear so big, so worth it, that I won ‘t accomplish my dreams? Most of the times it is not and so I face the fear.

If you have dreams then you have to protect them from yourself and others, and you have to be consistent following them, no matter what comes to your way.

You have to have courage to quit from paid work

To be entrepreneur, it means you have to live the life which is unstable. I think one of the hardest and challenging decision in my life was to quit my job to give full time for building my own company. It was when I worked in Volvo Trucks corporation. I was marketing manager there. I had the perfect job, perfect collective and good salary. But for me there was always something missing. I was not happy – it wasn’t my dream.

As humans we are wired to survive. And we are lazy. If we have enough in our terms then we don’t strive for better results, better life.

Recently my closest friend asked me what should motivate middle class for better outcomes? We all have heard the stories of very poor and miserable people who have achieved ultimate outcomes, because they have this hunger to change things. But for middle class people, they do not relate to these stories, they don’t understand the pain, and if everything is ok in their life, what should be the motivation to be better?

Thanks to my dad (it is also a big pain and frustration for me) I have this hunger for better. Always! I have been raised the way that I am never satisfied with what I have. Lot’s of people envy this characteristic in me, but I’m telling you it is not always a virtue  and it took me some time to be grateful for thins I already have.

Anyway, if we are talking about what should be the motivation to keep struggling for the better, then I say it should be your dreams. Money is not a motivation that is big enough. Dreams should be bigger ,with bigger meaning than money and then you have the motivation. What is your why? And the why have to be bigger than your dreams so you have the courage to face the fears that come to your way.

You have to have courage to present yourself

If you want to accomplish something in your life you have to have courage to protect your dreams. You don’t have to be entrepreneur, but even if you want to be respected and valued specialist you have to have courage to present your ideas on how to make things petter.

A lot of entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs who come to my trainings are even afraid to share, that they have now become entrepreneurs, in their own personal wall in Facebook. I always ask back that if you are afraid of telling to your acquaintances what you do, then why strangers should buy from you? Business is always about relationships, and people do business with people who they know. So it is easier to start with people you already know, not with strangers.

It’s not easy. I know. About a year ago I started to do videos for my company where I talk about marketing. When I did my first video, I was so afraid to post it in the internet. I thought what people are thinking about me. That I am some kind of self-admirer. I doubted hours. But finally I posted it, and the feedback was great.

Yesterday I faced another fear in front of people. I did my first Facebook live video in Differize® Mastermind group. One thing is to do a video that you can modify after and make it as many times as you wish for it to be perfect. Completely different thing is to do live video where there is no chance to modify it later to make it better. It is especially scary if you’re not doing it in your mother language.

Don’t be afraid. Face your fears and the result will start showing.