Most businesses but so much effort to find new customers. They create campaigns, do lots of marketing and but so much time and money to find new customers.

Are you aware that getting new customers is five times more expensive than doing up-sell to your ex or current customers? It is actually logical because people who have trusted you enough and bought from you earlier, are more likely to buy again (in case the service or product have been good of course), than the people who don’t know you yet and are just getting to know you.

In my last business and marketing training the question “how to do marketing for your ex and current customers?”, was raised once again.

Marketing for your ex and current customers

Sometimes I like to think that marketing is nothing else than building relationships. Marketing to your current or ex customers is nothing else than rebuilding or developing your relationships with your customers.

The first thing I would recommend for you to do, is to segment your customers. There are many ways to segment them. For example in time periods. Customers that are your customers right now, customers that have bought from you within the last 1-2 years, or customers who have been your customers 10 years ago.

Another way is to segment them by the products or services they have bought from you. For example I could segment customers by the ones that are my current customers, ordering monthly marketing services. Another segment would be the ones that have participated in any of my live trainings. The ones who have bought my online course. Consulting customers are also another segment, etc.

Another example, lets say you have a construction company. For you there might be customers who have bought projects from you and there are customers who have bought a house (building service). There might be customers who now order maintenance service from you.

If you’re done with the segmentation, I wouldn’t start with the campaigns and commercials for these groups of people. It feels like spam and doesn’t provide much value to your customers. You might get some results from them, but it is short term and is not sustainable way to do marketing (or build relationships). Much better way is to provide value to your customers.

More valuable solution for you and your customers, is to really help your customer. For example, lets say you had a difficult situation with a customer while providing your product or service. You found a solution that was great for you and your customer – at the end everything went well. The challenge was resolved.

Question: if you would tell this story to your other current or ex customers, how many of them would get valuable information from it? How many of them can prevent similar challenge or get the solution if they already have the same challenge? Would this be valuable to your customers and to your relationships? How many of your current or ex customers would be thankful for such attention and awareness? How likely would your customers turn back to you, after such remembering and support, when they need product or service you provide?

The best way to communicate such case studies is via email. Email is the best way (after face to face or by phone) to build personal relationships with your customers or with potential new customers. Besides that, it is easy to automate your marketing with the help of ESP-s (email service providers) and get lots of feedback, how interested your customers are. I currently use ConvertKit as my ESP.

Of course you shouldn’t forget about elementary stuff in maintaining customer relationships. For example anniversaries, congratulations, occasionally sincere attention to how they are doing and propose solutions (for free) to their questions. Humanity and caring is what makes us memorable and bring the customers back, when you’ve done a great job.

I wish you the best luck and success in your business!


PS! Share in the comments, how do you maintain a great relationships with your customers?